Salesforce Demystified

Ultimate Guide for Salesforce Success


Topics that are going to be covered :

  > Basics of Salesforce
   > How does Salesforce Work?
  > Salesforce as a Service (Types)
   > Clouds of Salesforce
  > Why Salesforce?
   > Benefits of Salesforce
  > How to Use Salesforce?
   > Salesforce Integrations in your Business
  > Conclusion

Basics of Salesforce :

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that provides its cloud based enterprise software. It is based on a multi-user and multi-tenant architecture.

It operates on a common technology base, wherein users do not have to worry about the infrastructural or application upgrades, updates and maintenance.
Salesforce provides all the users with the latest software with new features and improvements as part of the software experience.

How does Salesforce work?

Salesforce works on its proprietary programming language called Apex. It is object oriented language which has a java like syntax that helps developers to build business logics and actions on various processes.

Salesforce uses visualforce as their preferred UI framework. It is a tag based HTML like language that helps developers create static, dynamic, reusable interfaces.

They have recently introduced and shifted towards a new UI and UX developmental system called Lightning. It is a more sophisticated language used to build apps on salesforce with simplicity.

Salesforce as a Service (Types)

> SAAS | Software as a Service :
These are the pre-built, on-demand, hosted software which can be configured and customized moderately, and is accessed through a license and delivery model wherein there is a subscription with central hosting from provider.

> PAAS | Platform as a Service :
These are services which are provided as the complete cloud package of tools to handle hardware and software to develop medium to high, customized applications on the given structure. The infrastructure required for building said application is handled by the provider.

Clouds of Salesforce

> Sales Cloud :
It is used to elevate the effectiveness of your sales team. It is used for sales process automation, increases lead generation, and improves communication between channels.

> Marketing Cloud :
It is used to merge all channels of marketing across social media, mobile apps, sms, websites and more. It gives you the ability to engage with customers in real time and track their engagements.

> Service Cloud :
It is helps you to increase customer service interaction and retention by boosting response times, individuality and a multi channel support. It also provides external customer service related plug ins and processes.

> Community Cloud :
It is a private, company social media where employees, customers and partners can come together on an open forum type platform to communicate, discuss and share problems, solutions and advancements.

> Commerce Cloud :
It is a highly scalable software which provides you e-commerce as a service by providing a variety of unique features with the benefit of freeing your business from the hassle of managing a technical and developmental roadmap.

> Analytics Cloud :
It is a secure cloud based analytical solution to help your business analyse data efficiently and quickly, while providing insights and data visualizations in the form of charts and figures.

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Why Salesforce?

There are a vast variety of CRM platforms and solutions in the market, so what makes salesforce so special? Why do a majority of companies all over the world use it? And how does it stand out from the market?

Salesforce differentiates itself by its comprehensive functionality, cloud-based infrastructure, scalability, in-depth customization. Added to this is it's in-built automation, analytics and collaboration tools, all powered by a centralized database for data-driven decision-making. Features like Trailhead, AppExchange, Lightning Experience, and Einstein enhance user knowledge and expand functionality.

Benefits of Salesforce

> Versatility :
Salesforce is high flexible and adaptable to your business needs. Its objects, processes, UI and UX can be easily customized on the platform itself, and has options for full modifications.

> Manageability :
It is very easy to manage due to its organazition level and project level management options. It uses its modules to help define and work with your company's systems.

> AppExchange :
Appexchange is an app store of salesforce, it is a marketplace of apps developed by third party developers. This is a welcome feature as it allows for quick and easy deployment of features and services directly to any of the salesforce clouds, that would require development time and expense.

> APIs :
Salesforce's API gives you the option to utilize various apps and softwares that your company might already be using or is starting to use and integrate them easily.

How to Use Salesforce?

> Defining Objectives :
Before getting deep into Salesforce, define your objectives and goals. Find out what you want to achieve, whether it's managing customer relationships, optimizing sales, or improving customer service. Clear objectives will help you define your Salesforce journey.

> Customizing :
Configure fields, layouts, and workflows to match your unique requirements and business processes. Make custom data models, validation rules, and automation to build your sales and service processes. Tailoring Salesforce to your business ensures maximum efficiency and user adoption.

> Optimize and Enhance :
Periodically review and optimize your implementation and continuously engage with your internal or vendor team to identify areas for improvement, addressing user feedback, and refining processes. Salesforce's flexibility allows for on-air and in-production enhancements and iterative improvements to ensure the platform continues to meet a business' evolving needs.

> Find the Right Support :
Finding the right support is crucial to proper and complete utilization of a deployment and can be done by engaging with a technology partner(like us!) to provide valuable expertise, guidance, and solutions to meet your unique business needs. Partners can help with setup, integration with other systems, customization, and ongoing support.

Salesforce Integrations in your Business

> Service :
Deliver a customer service like never before by using salesforce's service cloud. It has features to help increase insights, information and thereby awarness.

> Marketing :
Marketing is made more advanced by using salesforce's marketing cloud. It gives your better tracking, analysing features and reaction and action metrics.

> Commerce :
Make advanced sites with features and campaigns with salesforce's marketing cloud. It helps to build a professional site without the high developmental runways and plans required.

> Sales :
The obvious answer but an answer that enriches your sales. Using salesforce's sales cloud, you can cut the time on data entry and more on customer interaction.

> Custom IT Solutions :
Use salesforce and its parent : force to make customized applications on its frameworks for an in-house or a commercial product.


Salesforce is a powerful tool and has the potential to be an enabler for your business. By the end of this definitive guide, you should have clear and robust understanding of everything you need to know about salesforce.

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